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Homosexuality Is A Lifestyle Choice and Has Nothing to Do with Civil Rights
By Jack Ryan
"I may have the genetic coding that I am inclined to be an alcoholic, but I have the desire not to do that, and I look at
the homosexuality issue the same way." - Texas Governor Rick Perry

I couldn't agree more with Governor Perry. I don't believe homosexuality is anymore of a civil; rights issue than is alcoholism.
I further do not agree with any of this nonsense about giving homosexuals the right to enter into same sex marriages or
adopting kids. First of all, Marriage always has been  and always will be between a Man and a Woman, period. Secondly,
homosexuality is not normal no matter how those who have chosen this lifestyle try to convince us it is, and innocent children
should not be subjected to this lifestyle choice.

Of course, the progressives are trying to shove this nonsense in society's face. They tell us how what difference does it
make if homosexuals love each other? Who is society to tell who a person can love? So I guess that these same knuckle
heads feel that a person who loves their pet should be able to marry it? Do they also feel it is okay for a woman who loves
her dog should be able, as a couple, to adopt a child?

Just take a look at what is going on in our society. There is actually a school in New York City, just for kids who identify
themselves as lesbian, gay and trans gender. This seems like nothing more than indoctrinating these kids into this abnormal
lifestyle. Lets try to give our kids a good foundation to enter our society and not play into this deviation. If they decide to  
practice this deviate lifestyle when they adults, then that is their choice. It should not be supported at the cost to the
taxpayer. If their parents want their children to be educated in this lifestyle, then it should be handled in the same manner as
those parents who want their children to receive religious education then they should pay for it themselves.   
Jack Ryan
Did you know.....This year, 2014, marks the 200th anniversary of the
national anthem, 'The Star Spangled Banner'. It was in September 1814
when Francis Scott Key was inspired by the sight of the flag as it flew
over Baltimore's Ft. McHenry after a 25 hour British bombardment!
God Bless America...Land of the free and Home of the brave!!!
Finally, We are seeing some justice in the George Zimmerman Case....Spike Lee has
been sued!
By Jack Ryan
An elderly couple, in Florida, whose address was incorrectly identified as the
home of George Zimmerman, accused of killing Trayvon Martin, by Spike Lee has
sued Lee according to court documents obtained by the smoking gun....

The suit claims that Spike Lee "tweeted" the couple's address along with Zimmerman's
name in March of 2012 to his 240,000 Twitter followers.

'While defendant intended to post the home address of George Zimmerman, he
actually posted the address of plantiffs Elaine McClain and David McClain," the
complaint states.

"I don't give a f *** what you think kill that bitch," Lee wrote. "HERE GO HIS ADDRESS,

Maybe next time this guy should do the right thing and not incite hate!!!
Home Owners Associations~~If you don't want to abide by the rules, get involved or
By Jack Ryan
This my house...This is my property....I put my money down on it....I'm paying the mortgage.
Who in the hell do you think you are to tell me I can't  park my truck on my front yard? Who
in the hell are you to tell me I can't put a shed in my front yard? I checked with the township
and they say I can put a fence wherever I want on my property, what gives you the right to tell
me I can't?....
Read Your Home Owners Association By-Laws, Reservations, Restrictions and
                                      You received them at closing!
When you purchase a home in development, private community, condominium, would be to your advantage to review
the Association By-Laws, Reservations, Restrictions and Covenants. These specify the rules for the community, such as:
  • Annual Community dues and fees.
  • Fines that may be assessed for unsightly property and such.
  • Late Fees and Interest
  • Building restrictions
  • What can and cannot be installed on properties (such as pools, sheds, and so on)
  • Parking rules for the community
  • Sets rules for conducting community meetings; most use Roberts Rules- Parliamentary Procedures
  • Plus much more!  Not being familiar with these documents can cost a home owner a lot of grief and money.

So why buy in a community with a Home Owners Association?

The answer is simple....A Home Owners Association, or HOA, protects your property value if it is run correctly. A good HOA
will enforce the rules to keep the community attractive and uniform. The association ensures bills get paid such as
community insurance, Community electric bills, maintenance bills for community property upkeep, snow plowing and road
maintenance and so on.

A good HOA will go after home owners who do not maintain their property. Who wants to live next door to someone who
doesn't cut their grass or stores junk vehicles and trash on their property? The HOA enforces parking rules so that
emergency vehicles and traffic can make it through the streets without being hindered as well snow plows, trash removal and
mail delivery.

There will be a series on Home Owners Associations beginning in August You won't want to miss it!
Jack Ryan
NYC Police Officers being PERSECUTED for attempting to arrest a rotund career criminal
who died while resisting.
By Jack Ryan
By now, just about everyone has seen the video of  the arrest of Eric Garner, who died while
resisting arrest,  for allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes in NYC. Let me first say that my heart
goes out to his family for their loss. From what I have read about Mr. Garner, his friends and
neighbors say he was a nice guy and a dedicated dad. It's always a tragedy when someone dies,
especially when it could have been avoided.

Yes, I did say that Mr. Garner's death was completely avoidable. Had Eric Garner done the right
thing, he would probably be alive today! The police did not kill Eric Garner, Eric Garner  is
responsible for Eric Garner's death, Nobody Else!
Once again, I see the usual suspects coming out of the woodwork to make excuses for the anti-social behavior of the
alleged perpetrator and relieving this person of taking responsibility for their actions. Now, I am not saying that anyone
deserves to be killed for allegedly selling "untaxed cigarettes". Nor does anyone deserve to have their life for resisting
arrest. According to some of the race baiter's and the ignorant out there, this is exactly what happened. If you have more
than oatmeal for brains and you actually saw video you will know that is NOT what happened. What I saw in the video is Eric
Garner refusing to cooperate with the police and resisting arrest. As we have since learned, Mr. Garner died as a result of a
heart attack, not of police brutality or racial discrimination, yet the ignorant race baiter's are trying to say something
different. They are blaming the police officer, an 8 year veteran of the NYPD with numerous arrests made, because he
allegedly put the suspect in a "choke hold" in order to bring him to the ground. We've already been informed that the hold
did no damage to the suspect's throat or airway. The suspect died of a heart attack! Someone please explain to me how the
police officer gave Mr. Garner a heart attack.

As I said, Mr. Garner was the one who was responsible for all that happened and the result of this incident. How, you might
ask. Let's look at the facts:
  1. The police observed Mr. Garner allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes.
  2. When the police confronted Mr. Garner and determined that there was enough evidence to arrest him, Mr. Garner,
    who had an extensive arrest record, decided to resist arrest. This was not his first rodeo with the police.
  3. Mr. Garner, unfortunately, died of Natural Causes while fighting with the police.
How is this Police Brutality or racially motivated? It has Nothing to do with Black and White  but instead Criminal and Police.

As I said, had Mr. Garner done the right thing, or things, he would still be alive today and not put his family through all of this
grief nor would an innocent police officer's future, as well as his family's financial security, be put in jeopardy. But, instead
his irresponsible and anti-social behavior has caused all of this while the ignorant race baiter's and....
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