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Customer service is out the window and what were once kids' jobs have since become
adult careers! Take the Poughkeepsie Journal News Paper for instance....
By Jack Ryan
As some people may have guessed by now, sometimes small things just piss me off. But, here's
the thing, small things to some of us are just that; small things. To a disabled person, what we
consider small things are sometimes insurmountable. I have a friend who's health has been on
a downward slide for the last several years and who's latest medical debacle is that his leg had
to be amputated above the knee and has left him confined to a wheelchair for the time being.
For the most part, thew extent of his going out consists of doctor's visits several time a week.
So as to protect his identity, I will call my friend JX. He decided to get the local paper, The
Poughkeepsie Journal delivered to his home. When he placed the order, he explained his
dilemma and asked that instead of delivering the newspaper to his driveway could it be left on
the front porch. The person on the phone, eager to make a sale, of course promised the paper would be left at the front door.
After taking his credit card, the person once again told him that the paper would be at the door.

For the first week, the paper was thrown in the driveway. He called the customer service department and the apologized
profusely and promised to rectify the problem. For the next two weeks, it was hit and miss; some days on the front porch,
others in the driveway at curbside. JX's wide called for him and explained that the man is handicapped and cannot get up and
down the driveway to retrieve the paper. The moron on the phone says to her "Are you disabled too? Why can't you go get
the paper from the driveway for him?" His wide demanded to speak with a supervisor but was told she would have to wait 24 to
48 hours for one to call back. At that point JX told his wife to just cancel the service. Low and behold, someone call back
immediately and tries to convince them not to cancel. This person goes on to suggest that their front porch may be too dark
and says that the front lights have to be left on. Reluctantly, JX agrees and begins to leave on the driveway light. Now this
newspaper was costing him even more to be delivered.

This worked for a week or so then he went two days with no delivery at all. This was not the first time then paper was not
delivered but it was the straw that broke the camel's back. JX called customer service and told them he wanted to stop the
delivery. They, in turn, turned his call over to a retention specialist, we assume, named Ray. Of course, at first, this guy was
so sweet on the phone that a diabetic would need a shot of insulin just to talk to him. When Ray saw that JX was done and no
longer wanted the paper delivered, his entire attitude changed. First he wanted to know who lived with JX and if they too were
disabled and why didn't they go get the paper from the driveway for him. When JX explained the arrangement he made when
placing his order, this Ray informed him that these are motor routes cub side only. JX stopped the paper.

Now, I have some words pf wisdom for this Ray guy....Just who in the hell do you think you are there spunky? How would you
like it if somebody spoke to a disabled relative of your the way you spoke to my friend? What in the hell gives you the right
In March, 2015, the Saint Patrick's Day Parade in NYC is going.....
By Jack Ryan
FROM THIS:                                                              TO THIS:
That's right, the organizers of the NYC Saint Patrick's Day Parade have caved to pressure from deviants and are
allowing some gay group to participate under a "Gay Banner". Thankfully, The Catholic League has pulled their
support and are refusing to participate in this in this queer assault on a NYC tradition. This is no different than
allowing the KKK to march in the parade under their banner while wearing sheets and hoods. It just shouldn't
be permitted.

The Catholic League as well as Catholic School Marching bands have been staunch supporters of this NYC parade for
decades. No one has ever tried to stop gay people from participating in this event, even though they were the ones
responsible, on a number of occasions, for pelting the front doors of Saint Patrick's Cathedral with condoms filled with red
paint. The one thing that wasn't permitted, until now, was marching under a sexual preference banner. This type of banner
has absolutely no place in such a parade. This was the argument last year when they tried to make a mockery of the parade,
but parade organizers held fast to their ruling and refused to allow it. Because of this, NYC mayor deBlasio refused to
participate. Who cares if he did or not?

Well, the Catholic League is not marching in the parade and I truly hope that the Catholic and Christian marching bands as
well as participants also refuse. I can tell you one thing, the parade will not be watched on TV in my home and, as well, I
refuse to support any sponsors of this parade.

No one has tried to destroy gay pride parades or the village debacle every Halloween. Why the gay community thinks it is
their right to disrupt other people's celebrations is beyond me. They say they want to be accepted in society well here's a
thought, stop being Jerk Offs.
          Jack Ryan
Dunkin Donuts, on Rt 9, in Wappinger Falls, NY....IS IT A BUSINESS OR A HANGOUT?
By Jack Ryan
Before I came to New York, I was told about the incredible nightlife...clubs, bars, restaurants,
and so on. They never warned me about Dunkin Donuts! Yes, I said Dunkin Donuts! When I
first moved in the area, I was driving home one night and noticed a huge crowd in the Dunkin
Donuts parking lot on Rt 9, in Wappinger Falls. I thought it must have been some function,
somewhere, that had just let out and the folks went for a cup of coffee afterwards. As the
summer went on, I noticed that there is a crowd at this place's parking lot, nightly, but they
are not in the store, instead just hanging out. It amazed me that this donut shop would allow
this to continue night after night. This has become a hangout for a crowd with their
motorcycles, cars that double as rolling stereos and pick up trucks.

Now mind you, this is not a small group of teenagers, the ages seem to range from 13 to as old as 45 and 50 years old.
They are hanging out in cars, the backs of pick ups and even have lounge chairs in the parking lot as well as the grass
area. You also can see the coolers behind the cars with, what I'm sure, is not coffee. These people are slobs with garbage
strewn about. It's disgusting to have to see and what is shocking is- it is not uncommon to see local police officers in the lot
as well chatting with some of these people. Maybe they are trying to control things; who knows....

A short time ago, a neighbor told me that this has been a hangout for years and that most of the local adults just avoid the
place because of the hassle of having to find someplace to park, then have to make your way through horde. I did go there
ONCE and just wouldn't bother to go back. As a truck driver, I've been in some questionable places on the road, but I heard
worse language in front of this place than I have ever heard in a truck stop. And, truck stop parking lots are much cleaner
than this one.

II don't know how this donut baker can allow this to go on in front of their establishment night after night. And to be quite
honest, I have to question what goes on in the lives of these people who hang out there. What would make them think, "Hey,
let me get a beach chair, a cooler and go hang out in the dunkin donuts parking lot. And the thing is, these people start
coming at about 3:30-4:00 in the afternoon and are there to midnight and later. It really makes this neighborhood look
somewhat questionable if not low class.                   
Jack Ryan
Ferguson, Missouri... A Barren Land of Lawless Thugs and Perpetual Victims
By Jack Ryan
  Did Michael Brown have to die? No, he didn't have to and had he been taught to respect law
enforcement, he would be alive today...or at the very least, Officer Wilson would not have
been forced to use lethal force to protect himself. Had this boy not have been a criminal, he
would not have had any interaction with officer Wilson. Had this boy been taught to obey police
instruction, while he probably would have gone to jail for the crime he committed, he would
still be breathing. Is officer Wilson responsible for this boy being dead? I say no! If there is
anyone who is responsible for this dead boy, it's his parents for not taking the responsibility to
teach him how to behave like a human being in society.

  This did not start out as a case of black and white, no it was strictly a case of Good vs. Evil.-- As Cop vs. Criminal.
Contrary to what the roving animal packs in Ferguson will try to tell the rest of the world. Their theory is that this big bad
"White" Cop went out that night looking for some little "Black" Boy ( who probably stood a good half a foot, plus taller and
outweighed Officer Wilson) to kill. Yeah, I'm sure that was the reason Mr. Wilson took a job in Law Enforcement. I have to
wonder if these people in Ferguson realize just how stupid they sound each time they open their mouth.

  They burned their own city out because this criminal decided to take on the cops that night and lost. They looted the
businesses that they burned to get justice? I guess this is one of those things that they say is a "Black Thing and us White
Folks wouldn't understand".
THANK GOD! And now they are demanding that the businesses come back and rebuild their
shops in Ferguson and if they don't it is some how racist?They are victims of racism? If it were my business, I'd tell Ferguson
to go
Screw Themselves and build my business where the residents would support it, not rob and destroy it.

  Now these anti-social miscreants are threatening "Carnage" if Officer Wilson is not prosecuted and sent to prison for
murder? For doing his job and protecting himself? In America, we have a justice system. It's about time the "Fergusonites"
learned this. Grow Up!                                                                                             
Jack Ryan