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In March, 2015, the Saint Patrick's Day Parade in NYC is going.....
By Jack Ryan
FROM THIS:                                                              TO THIS:
That's right, the organizers of the NYC Saint Patrick's Day Parade have caved to pressure from deviants and are
allowing some gay group to participate under a "Gay Banner". Thankfully, The Catholic League has pulled their
support and are refusing to participate in this in this queer assault on a NYC tradition. This is no different than
allowing the KKK to march in the parade under their banner while wearing sheets and hoods. It just shouldn't
be permitted.

The Catholic League as well as Catholic School Marching bands have been staunch supporters of this NYC parade for
decades. No one has ever tried to stop gay people from participating in this event, even though they were the ones
responsible, on a number of occasions, for pelting the front doors of Saint Patrick's Cathedral with condoms filled with red
paint. The one thing that wasn't permitted, until now, was marching under a sexual preference banner. This type of banner
has absolutely no place in such a parade. This was the argument last year when they tried to make a mockery of the parade,
but parade organizers held fast to their ruling and refused to allow it. Because of this, NYC mayor deBlasio refused to
participate. Who cares if he did or not?

Well, the Catholic League is not marching in the parade and I truly hope that the Catholic and Christian marching bands as
well as participants also refuse. I can tell you one thing, the parade will not be watched on TV in my home and, as well, I
refuse to support any sponsors of this parade.

No one has tried to destroy gay pride parades or the village debacle every Halloween. Why the gay community thinks it is
their right to disrupt other people's celebrations is beyond me. They say they want to be accepted in society well here's a
thought, stop being Jerk Offs.
          Jack Ryan
I don't give a damn about criminals! I am more concerned with the safety of our police
officers! If a criminal, black, white or yellow, is killed while committing a crime...Oh Well.
By Jack Ryan
Did Michael Brown have to die? No, he didn't have to and had he been taught to respect law
enforcement, he would be alive today...or at the very least, Officer Wilson would not have
been forced to use lethal force to protect himself. Had this boy not have been a criminal, he
would not have had any interaction with officer Wilson. Had this boy been taught to obey police
instruction, while he probably would have gone to jail for the crime he committed, he would
still be breathing. Is officer Wilson responsible for this boy being dead? NO! If there is anyone
who is responsible for this dead boy, it's his parents for not taking the responsibility to teach
him how to behave like a human being in society.
Did Eric Garner have to die? No, he didn't have to and had he been taught to respect  law
enforcement, he, too, would be alive today. Had he been taught to follow the law and
commands from a Police Officer, there wouldn't have been any physical altercation
between him and the police, while he would have probably gone to jail for the crime he was
guilty of, he would still be breathing. Are the NY Police officers responsible for his death?
Absolutely not! This rotund criminal who had an extensive rap sheet also knew he had
asthma. Who's responsibility is it to take care of his asthma? The police? NO! He took his
chances with his own life, playing the game of the criminal and refusing to comply with a
lawful order from law enforcement. Eric Garner is dead because of Eric Garner.
Now, we have the usual race baiter's out there screaming that these people  were killed as a result of racism by the cops? I
wonder if these morons actually think before they open their mouths. The police are charged with protecting the citizens from
crime and criminals which is exactly what they were doing in both of these cases. They put their lives on the line dealing with
criminals such as Brown and Garner, to do their job. You could have a dozen Browns and a dozen more Garners and
together, they are not worth the life of one police officer.

To all of the morons wilding, looting, burning down buildings and attacking and killing innocent people in the memory of
Brown....WHY? Are you that upset that a CRIMINAL got killed in the commission of a crime? Suppose this fat thug was strong
arming your mother, what would you do? Suppose he attacked someone in your family, what would you do?
Would you sit back and tell your mother that she has to understand why he was strong arming her? Or, would you beat this
prick yourself? What about if fat boy attacked a member of your family and attempted to kill them, would you tell your family
member, if they survived, that they have to understand that fat boy doesn't trust them?

Don't try to give us anymore of the bullshit about slavery being an excuse for these scum bag's anti-social behavior. There
isn't a person alive today who was a slave or owned a slave. This is what Charlie Rangel, up in Harlem is trying to sell. It's a
bullshit excuse!

You have de Blasio, the NYC Mayor, throwing the officers of the NYPD under the bus. He is trying to enact new training for
the cops and implementing the use of body cameras on the officers. Here's a thought, Mr. de Blasio, how about teaching
members of the black community how to co-exist in society with everyone else? The mayor also said in a press conference
that he has to talk to his mixed race son about dangers he might face when confronted by the police? WHAT???? How about
he tells his son to be a law abiding citizen? How about he tells his son to obey orders from the police?

America's justice system may have some flaws but there isn't another justice system in the world better than it. It amazes me
that AG Eric Holder is trying to undermine it by calling it racist. Mr Holder, is it also racist when it rules against people other
than those of color?

And we have a congressional black caucus....wait....Why isn't there a congressional White Caucus???...Anyway, the
members of the black group walked into a meeting with their hands up in support of mike brown. Why would members of
congress, who are supposed to represent all citizens, show support for criminals? By the way, supposedly mike brown had
his hands up when the cop shot him...according to witnesses this is nothing more than another fairy tale from Ferguson
thugs. Where is the righteous indignation from these same members of congress over the black on black killings in Chicago
and other black communities around the country? Where are the riots, looting, and burning buildings when this is
happening? What about Black on White murders? Where is Sharpton and his circus when this is going on? Why isn't Holder
and Obama demanding investigations?

I am not saying all Black folks are criminals nor am I saying all White folks are not. No matter what though, I will always take
the cops side over a criminal. I also believe all of these people looting, destroying property and hurting innocent people are
domestic terrorists and should be treated and such. As well, Mike Brown's mother's boyfriend should be charged with inciting
the Ferguson riots with his battle cry of "BURN THIS BITCH DOWN". I don't hold out much hope for that as that years back,
Sharpton was never prosecuted for firing up the animal pack in Harlem, years back, protesting Freddy's Clothes store on
125th street that set the building on fire killing at least one person.
Charles Barkley said it best....If it weren't for the cops in our communities, it would be like living in the wild west. We don't
need people who look to divide us fanning the flames of racism when it doesn't exist. I'd like to think that, as a society, we
are all smart enough to handle our differences in  civilised  manner and rebuke those who look to profit from tragedy and
cause problems where none exist.

I just wanted to share the following crime stats.....

From the Center on Juvenile and Criminal  Justice, CDC....