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In March, 2015, the Saint Patrick's Day Parade in NYC is going.....
By Jack Ryan
FROM THIS:                                                              TO THIS:
That's right, the organizers of the NYC Saint Patrick's Day Parade have caved to pressure from deviants and are
allowing some gay group to participate under a "Gay Banner". Thankfully, The Catholic League has pulled their
support and are refusing to participate in this in this queer assault on a NYC tradition. This is no different than
allowing the KKK to march in the parade under their banner while wearing sheets and hoods. It just shouldn't
be permitted.

The Catholic League as well as Catholic School Marching bands have been staunch supporters of this NYC parade for
decades. No one has ever tried to stop gay people from participating in this event, even though they were the ones
responsible, on a number of occasions, for pelting the front doors of Saint Patrick's Cathedral with condoms filled with red
paint. The one thing that wasn't permitted, until now, was marching under a sexual preference banner. This type of banner
has absolutely no place in such a parade. This was the argument last year when they tried to make a mockery of the parade,
but parade organizers held fast to their ruling and refused to allow it. Because of this, NYC mayor deBlasio refused to
participate. Who cares if he did or not?

Well, the Catholic League is not marching in the parade and I truly hope that the Catholic and Christian marching bands as
well as participants also refuse. I can tell you one thing, the parade will not be watched on TV in my home and, as well, I
refuse to support any sponsors of this parade.

No one has tried to destroy gay pride parades or the village debacle every Halloween. Why the gay community thinks it is
their right to disrupt other people's celebrations is beyond me. They say they want to be accepted in society well here's a
thought, stop being Jerk Offs.
          Jack Ryan
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I am a muslim
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What ever happened to the Dunkin Donut guy who got up early every morning to make
the donuts? I don't know how in the hell this company can afford to stay in business in
Dutchess County, NY..

By Jack Ryan
  I have to say that I don't know how this business can afford to keep their doors open!
I have gone to Dunkin Donuts, in Dutchess County NY more than enough times over
the last year to know that I will no longer waste my time stopping there again. First off,
I have never been in another retail establishment where employees have the audacity,
and evidently the permission from the company, to have "TIP" cups at the cash
reegister. What in the hell would I be giving them a "tip" for?? Taking my money?
Putting my purchasae in a bag? Doesn't Dunkin Donuts pay their employees to do this?
This is a low class tactic for your employees to get money for nothing. Further, it is an insult look for customers to pay extra
when they have already paid a premium price for less than premium tasting coffee and a donut.

  Speaking of donuts, why aren't the donuts baked on property any more? Why isn't the public informed that your donuts
are delivered to the store once a day, at 4 am, as per their district manager, in Fishkill, NY? Why aren't we told that when
we are buying a donut at lunch time that they were sitting there already for 8 hours?

  I have another question, what business is Dunkin Donuts in anyway?? I mean, there are three stores on Rt 9, in Dutchess
county, NY, that are open 24 hours a day. WHY??? After 7 or 7:30 pm, it has been my experience that they no longer have
donuts. No wonder the friggin prices are so high, you are paying employees to do nothing! Last week, I stopped at the
Dunkin Donuts at the shell station on RT9 north, across the road from Wal Mart. I was on my way to visit with friends and
figured I'd stop and pick up donuts to bring with me and coffee for the ride. First I am told, at 6:30pm, they have no donuts
left. Then I ask for two hot chocolates and a coffee. I am told that their hot chocolate machine doesn't work. I went there
looking to spend almost $20.00 and they have no product to sell at 6:30 pm on a Friday night?

  Being a glutton for punishment, I stopped at this very same Dunkin Donuts the very next day to get 2 hot chocolates and
a coffee. What I got was one hot chocolate that looked like tea and another, when my wife opened the cap, it looked as if a
toilet backed up in the cup. And on top of this, the coffee was cold. I called the store from my car and told the manager what
I had gotten for my money. She told me that the hot chocolate machine was broken and the people made it by hand and
was surprised that the coffee was cold. Not once was I offered a refund. I threw the crap out and decided that not one
penny of my money will be spent at any Dunkin Donuts again.
(Continued after the advertisement)
  I am considering buying a vending truck and setting up my niece with her own business as a donut concession and park it
close to Dunkin Donuts. She can sell Krispy Cream Donuts, coffee, hot chocolate, and so on at half the price and make a
killing at it.

  Here's another suggestion, clean up the shop at rts 9 and 104 in Wappingers Falls, It is nothing more than a disgusting
hangout for kids.

  I am not a fan of Starbucks but believe me, if one was to open in this area, it would make a killing! I have started giving all
of my business to Bad Ass Coffee, by McDonalds, on Route 9 in Wappingers Falls. The people are friendly and happy to
have the business.

  A donut shop that is open 24 hours that doesn't have donuts!! Why bother?

  We'd like to hear your experiences with Dunkin Donuts, good or bad.
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